Menus For Diabetics:Eating Out For Diabetics Part 1

Nowadays people love to dine out more and more, because dining out is a part of our lives,  its easy, quick and fun. However, dinning out sometimes can be a headache for diabetics, because restaurant usually only focus on making delicious dish but lacks in nutrition and healthy food especially for diabetics.

We’ve collected some suggestions for diabetics on how to eat right in the restaurant:
1. Choose a restaurant within a walking distance from your house, so you can burn some extra calories that you might got from eating out.
2. Many restaurant release their menu on the Internet, you can always take a look before you make your choice of the dish and even the restaurant to help with your diabetic diet meal plan.
3. When you choose a restaurant, think about what you have had today. For example, if you have taken all the carbohydrates for today’s amount, and you choose a pasta or rice kinda restaurant, then its not the best restaurant for you. We normally make a restaurant reservation a few days before, so you can adjust your portion or amount before the meal.
4. Always eat some snacks and vegetable or even drink more water before you go to the restaurant. When people are hungry, we tend to make not too smart choice on ordering food.
5. If you know the restaurant you are going that have a big portion of dish, don’t go unless you are ready to doggie bag the leftovers or share with someone for the plate.
6. Call the restaurant and ask if they have any special menu for chronic patients such as heart disease, if they do, that tells you the restaurant pays more attention to provide healthy dish.
7. Except fast food, we can’t say what kind of food is better than others. But you can think this way, vegetable is better than meat, but a plate of a cream sauce macaroni doesn’t necessarily better than a plate of fat meat.
8. Choosing a reputable restaurant is more safe, because the experienced staff know how to treat your needs.
9. Please tell the waitstaff, if you already have bread on the table, they don’t have to bring more bread. The same for fries and cookies.
10. Before order, check your blood gluclose level in order to control your meal better.
11. If you arrived early to the restaurant, please don’t go to the bar for cocktail while you are waiting. A reason would be a glass of margarita normally contains high calories and carbs.

Date:Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
Category:Menus For Diabetics
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  • TAJ Richardson says:

    My wife is a diabetic, and we are like best friend with our waiters every time when we go out. We normally go to the same places, but when we go to a new place, we need to make sure of the food and make sure we do LET the waiter know what we need.Communication is important.

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