Cake Recipes For Diabetics

Sweet craving for delicious cakes? Hard to find suitable cake recipes for diabetics? Our diabetics cake recipes are less sugared, or with sugar substitute, but still contains a few carbs and little other valuable nutrition. You will enjoy them as well as by your families.

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  • Raisin Cake For Diabetics
  • Raisin Cake For DiabeticsDiabetes does not mean zero sugar intake. Again, its about how much you allowed to eat. Dried fruit is great for diabetics and also can be an emergency snack when the blood sugar gets too low. Raisins are dried grapes, and range from about 67% to 72% sugars by weight, most of which is fructose...
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  • Cake Recipes For Diabetics: Cocoa cake for diabetics
  • Cake Recipes For Diabetics: Cocoa cake for diabeticsMany diabetics hope to enjoy cakes and other pastry just like normal people do. Diabetics want real cakes. Let’s face it, diabetics may never have the chance to eat a real cake, because a good percentage of sugar is an important part to make cake soft and fluffy. However, we are able to find the...
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